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chippies @ hoMe
    Chippies@Home is a small group for the older, more mature youth, filling in the gap between Sunday Xcel, and TNT (Twenties 'N' Thirties). We meet every thursday, 7-9:30pm, starting with coffee etc., general sharing, questions, prayer points (and prayer), questions you or your friends have about God 'n' stuff, followed by a more structured study, for e.g. on relationships (all kinds - and yes we will get to that eventually).

Venue Thursday the 21st of October
Pattens' Place, 59a Hewitt Ave, Wahroonga, 7ish-9:30pm.

Study #1 Who Is God?
Study #2 Knowing "The Truth" (notes)
Study #3 Asking for Sixpence
Study #4 A New Spirit
Study #5 "Breathe in Me"
Study #8 Using the Gifts (notes)
Study #9 Wisdom
Study #10 Knowledge
Study #11 Prophecy (notes)

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