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The Spiritual Gift of Words of Wisdom

What is Wisdom?

Not brilliance but relevance, the offering of a “God given” word that speaks into the heart of the situation.

James 3:13  “Who is wise and understanding among you?  Let him show it by his good life, by deeds done in the humility that comes from wisdom … ”

Biblical wisdom is what we do, not what we say or know, it is practical.  Speaking into the need at hand.  Not a function of learning, a function of faith.

The Gift of Wisdom

Similar to other gifts a word of wisdom is a simple, non-permanent gift which meets a specific need.

A word of wisdom is exactly that, a spoken/expressed word.  A thought which is totally appropriate for the time and need is not useful until it is expressed. The Spirit grants the message of wisdom but we require a faith response to express that wisdom.

Using the Gift of Wisdom

One receives the word by revelation. Be prayerful and seek wisdom, such as Proverbs encourages.

We can't expect to be truly wise always, but seek the word of wisdom in those situations which need it.  Rather than speaking out your opinion when an issue arises, instead pray, seek the wisdom of God. Often when human wisdom and even Christian wisdom fails a spiritual word of wisdom fills the gap and understanding is brought.

Ask the question, "Why?" In a situation look behind the surface issue, delve deep.  Is the reason for some confrontation, unresolved sin??? Is this anger stemming from unforgiveness? Or why is this person unwilling to change?…

Pray and be in touch with God, also be prepared to speak what is revealed, if it remains as a thought it will not benefit those in need.

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