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Anna << Hannah << favour, grace, mercy related to Hanan, Hananel (favour of god), Hananiah (favour of Yahu), Hanibal (favour of baal), and Johanan
Lesley, Lesleigh << ?? + lea (clearing) a surname of someone associated with a meadow
Jonathan << Heb name meaning Yahu's gift
Jenny << Jennifer like Guinevere a Brythonnic name meaning fair + smooth, referring to skin or hair, a blessing or descriptive name
Monique << Monica unknown meaning, probably north african or Phoenician. Saint Monica was the mother of Saint Augustine, an example a mother praying her son into the kingdom.
Roslyn << Rosalind. Associated with latin Rosa linda "beautiful rose", actually a germanic name meaning soft, tender (gentle) horse.
Brandon << english surname meaning "hill of broom shrubs", or a form of Gaelic Brendan "prince"
Ashleigh << a surname from a place description referring to a clearing in an ash grove
Candice << the name of a queen of Ethiopia, meaning unknown.
Caroline << genitive of Charles, like South Carolina (named after King Charles I)
Craig << a gaelic surname meaning rock or crag associated with the bearer.
David << hebrew bosom friend, beloved, an outside chance it refers to a false period occuring in early pregnancy.
Emma << Gmc whole, universal
Felicity << happiness, Good fortune (latin)
Helen << Gk, either torch (helene) or moon (selene)
Kris << Kristopher, Christ-bearer (Khristopheros) from a legend about a young man who bore christ across a river on his back
Leanne << Gk helios sun, via Fr Éliane << L surname Aelianus
John << Johannan << Heb Yahu is gracious
Rachel, Rachelle << Heb Rahel, sheep, ewe