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Warnings and Encouragement.

James 5:1-6
James interrupts his instruction with an warning to those corrupted and seduced by wealth and materialism. What are the main characteristics of these people, and what does James use to teach the foolishness of their values?

James 5:7-12
What is the goal of James warning to the rich oppressors?

What sort of things frustrate and discourage you today, as a Christian? What hope do we have in Christ?

James also writes two things we shouldn't do. what are they and what is the importance of each? Look also at Matthew 5:33-37

James 5:13-20
James finishes (rather abruptly) with directions regarding sin and illness in the community. How does he progress from "any one?"

Is James making a connection with illness and sin? What exactly does he mean here?

What is James' instruction regarding confession? What is the significance and importance of "each" or "one another," rather than simply "another?"

What do you think is the point of James' is trying to make in vv 19 and 20? Why does he feel the need to tell them to "remember." What is our responsibility here?