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This Week's Special

Uncle Jake's Famous Spaghetti Sauce

(Serves 4-5)


2-3 tblsp extra virgin olive oil
1 or 2 medium onions chopped fine
1 tsp each of crushed garlic &  chopped red chili peppers
3 rashers of smoky bacon, trimmed of fat & diced
1lb fine ground beef mince (and I mean really fine! Stick it in a food processor if necessary)
1 can (about 440g) condensed tomato soup
1 can (about 440g) pureéed tomato
1 tsp each marjoram, basil, oregano, and sage
½ cup red wine, vinegar & Worcestershire sauce
1 or 2 bay leaves
1 small green capsicum (bell pepper) finely diced


1. Heat oil in 3 or 4 qt dutch oven or deep frypan and add onion, chili, garlic & bacon. Fry until onions are clear.
2. Add beef, mixing thoroughly and frying until well browned.
3. Add soup, and then remaining ingredients. Stir thoroughly and bring to the boil.
4. Turn down the heat and simmer for 20-30 min, stirring occasionally until you get the right thickness (a traditional Italian ragu would be cooked all day). Meanwhile cook the spaghetti.
5. Serve sauce over freshly cooked pasta and sprinkle with parmesan cheese.

Side Dishes

Sliced golden tomatoes, chopped lettuce, chunks of mozzarella cheese & garlic bread.
Goes well with bittersweet herbal drinks like Coke, Cinzano Rosso or Pimm's N°1 Cup.

Digest, talk and for the perfect finish, a small serving of tiramisu, strong & sweet espresso, and Amaretti di Saronno. Bellissimo!

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