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Kate & Andrew's Wedding Wish List

This list reflects my appreciation of the Arts and Crafts movement embodied by Gustav Stickley, William Morris and the Roycroft Community, and my respect for pioneers and innovators in various fields. It is also in some respects the culmination of over ten years of compiling wish lists. Darling this list is just my contribution to what will be our home. As such it needs your input and critique - what it is that you like, and would want (given that the idea is that other people pay for it).

(Kitchen Classic shown)Waring Blender (with citrus attachment shown)ACME Supreme Juicer (Juicerator) $339 from RIVAL® 5 QT. Removable Crock-Pot® Slow Cooker from the inventors of the slow cooker.
Stainless Steel Coffee Maker STOCK NO. 02811Presto® Stainless Steel Coffee Maker STOCK NO. 02811. The original submersible electric percolator. 65210 shownHamilton Beach Classic DrinkMaster® Drink Mixer Cappucino/Espresso machine
(11 Skillet shown)
Presto® Electric Skillet/Roaster Oven
Bunn® B8 Black Home Brewer $89.90 from Coffee Wholesale USA Electric Deep-fryer
RIVAL® 1030G Electric Metal Food Slicer Bunn® BCG coffee grinder $99.90 from Coffee Wholesale USA Cuisinart DLC-8S $199 from Comfort House
STOCK NO. 01362. 6-quart liquid capacity (5.7 liters)
Presto® stainless steel pressure cooker from the pioneers.
Revere Solutions Copper-Clad Cookware
Revere colander
EdenPacific TideOneida 18/8 stainless steel flatware in Eden or Pacific Tide Eden from left to right
5-piece place setting (salad fork, dinner fork, knife, place spoon & teaspoon). $22;Serve Set (serving fork, butter knife & pierced serving spoon). $22;  Hostess Set (serving ladle, sugar spoon & serving spoon) $22; Entertainment Set (casserole spoon & servall) $22; iced tea spoon & seafood/cocktail fork. Also cold-meat serving fork. From  Your World at Home
Pacific Tide
5-PIECE PLACE SET -- $30.00
 (1 each: Salad Fork, Place Fork, Place Knife, Place Spoon, Teaspoon)

 20-PIECE PLACE SET -- $114.00
 (4 each: Salad Fork, Place Fork, Place Knife, Place Spoon, Teaspoon)

 40-PIECE PLACE SET -- $216.00
 (8 each: Salad Fork, Place Fork, Place Knife, Place Spoon, Teaspoon)

from  Your World at Home

Pacific Tide
 3-PIECE SERVE SET -- $30.00
 (1 each: Pierced Serving Spoon, Butter Knife, Serving Fork )

 3-PIECE HOSTESS SET -- $30.00
 (1 each: Large Serving Spoon, Sugar Spoon, Serving Ladle)

 (1 each: Casserole Spoon, Servall)

from  Your World at Home

Crystal & Glassware

da Vinci Crystal from left to right
Large Brandy 22 oz. -set of 2 $32.60; Medium Brandy 11.75 oz. -set of 6 $79.80; xCordial 2.75 oz. -set of 6 $79.80; Goblet 10.5 oz. -set of 6 $79.80; Wine 8.5 oz. -set of 6 $79.80; Wine Tasting Goblet 12 oz. -set of 6 $79.80; xFlute 6.5 oz. -set of 6 $79.80; Sherbet 3.75 oz -set of 6 $79.80; Martini 3.75 oz -set of 6 $79.80.

from Your World at Home

Noritake Sweet Swirl glassware
Oneida Amaryllis bowl Oneida Amaryllis round tray
Bunn® BET Easy Tea Pitcher $9.95
Hudson Bay point blanket
Heriz - No. 726 shownPersian-style Karastan area rugs Solid oak Mission furniture from Stickley
89-799 butterfly top dining table, 89-1815 display cabinet, 89-353 Harvey Ellis side chair, 89-353½ Harvey Ellis arm chair & 89-640 server..

Stickley Mission oak.
89-369 Spindle Morris Chair, 89-86 Tall case clock, 89-395 Footstool, 89-767 Cocktail table, 89-220 Prairie Settle, 89-663 Round table, 89-210 Prairie Love Seat, 89-509 Drop-leaf table.

Oneida Amaryllis Candlesticks and bud vase

Amana® DeepfreezeTM upright freezer. The economy of bulk-buying and the convenience of upright access. Even here in the antipodes we've heard of DeepfreezeTM, and Amana® pioneered the upright freezer.

$549+$12 S&H from Budget Satellite Systems
Hughes MODEL HSYS-B4332 DSS system - no-one knows DSS better than Hughes- $199+$15 S&H with rebate from Budget Satellite Systems
2nd reciever -- HIRD-B22 $199; HIRD-B43 $295.
Burley Samba tandem bicycle #05-2500-750Coleman Propane Lantern $59.99 from

Folbot Greenland II folding kayak
25-5359H700Coleman Electric Northstar Lantern $39.99 from
Legend 54-quartigloo Legend ice chest Discovery Scout 1075 lb. capacityOld Town Canoe Stillwater 12 or Discovery Scout canoe
Zojirushi AAPE-22SA AIR POT® #133 Saddleback Stool from The Byer Manufacturing Company. Style 222 - Medium Duffle Bag, Style 220 - Small Duffle Bag
C.C. Filson luggage.

Radio Flyer Model 22 Trav-Ler

Penobscot Glider chair from The Byer Manufacturing Company. One small (#139) and one standard (#140) size.
Model WNK (604 sq in) on Portable CartModern Home Products BBQer® Choice Gas Grill